December 15, 2018


Grateful to go back to my training roots: Junior Chamber International

Today i discussed how values-based mentoring matters in engagement, in self-development, and in creating positive change. 

A mentoring conversation not only develops young leaders, but it also creates need-based opportunities for JCI chapters to offer programs that are unique, relevant, and impactful to their respective communities. 

When individuals know what they need to grow, they can design the right nurturing environment.


December 14, 2018


Today I designed and ran a workshop on how to avoid thinking errors in adverse situations. I enjoyed the banter, the insights, the stories, and the laughter that came with today’s class. 

When we understand the pitfalls in our thinking, we can make challenging situations easier to manager. We can then grow from the experience and take responsibility over the consequences of our decisions. 


December 9, 2018 

Random thoughts about Millennials

Millennials will trust the recommendations of strangers. Older generations will rely on word of mouth. Don’t put your best foot forward. Your real self will eventually show. Consider doing a great job instead in all opportunities that come your way. 

Your reputation will then precede you. 

In two years, there will be 5 generations in the work place. If the leader is not equipped to handle generations, he will end up disengaging them. What I did notice when I run a course on generations though is that they still espouse the same values. 

The generations vary though in expressing them. If we do not provide a venue where they can talk and understand each other, they will not know how to bring their strengths into the workplace. 


December 8, 2018


I finished my last Train the Trainer workshop for 2018 at the Ateneo Center for Continuing Education. I had a class full of creative and talented professionals for this run. 

We explored creative ways to make training relevant, fun, interactive, and strategic. This is a 3-day course that helps put together courses and activities that make adult learning engaging and enjoyable. 


December 4, 2018 


Yesterday, we explored the client’s question: How do learning styles increase sales? 

As a result, the participants discovered opportunities where they can improve their customer messaging. if customers understand the value proposition, they buy

There is a danger to canning presentations. The professional runs a very real risk of disconnecting with his audience.

December 3, 2018 

Effective Business Writing 

Communication is a leadership Competency. In most of the companies that I served in training, communication has three legs: Writing, Speaking, and Presentation Skills. 

This particular class uses just one basic rule in writing short sentences: the Subject-Verb-Object. If the writer ignores this, he is prone to commit 8 grammatical errors. 

This class is a great refresher to professionals whose last business writing course was in college. So much has changed in the writing landscape now. We all appreciate an upgrade because we now have better electronic tools that can catch our errors and make our writing much better. 

December 1, 2018


It took me about a year to watch The Greatest Showman. But I have the playlist subscribed in my Spotify app. I am not much of a movie buff that’s why.

One of the songs that I really like is this track: This is me. I saw the production number and I was blown away even more to see Keala Settle sing it during the practice sessions. In this youtube video, the gentleman was just asking her to stop hiding from the back of the podium and step into the stage.

What a difference that made! Our lives are big opportunities where we  choose to hide behind a podium or to step forward and put ourselves on stage.

It’s not just what others say that can cripple us. It’s sometimes what we say to ourselves that prevents us from taking that first step.

It’s the same way I felt when I designed this page. By making this page go live, Elyn and I are putting ourselves out there as well.

Wish us luck. Allow us to journey with you.

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