Introduction to
Course Design and Facilitation

Engineering learning requires sufficient planning, preparation, and creativity. The leader who takes this course will effectively use methods that will make learning fun and engaging.

How to Handle
Sales Objections

This course enhances listening, probing, and questioning competencies of the sales professional so he can discover the true needs of his customer.

Strategic Planning Using
the Balanced Score Card

This workshop helps firms balance priorities in the following areas: stakeholder management, customer satisfaction, process excellence, and organizational development. Participants craft their plan and identify a strategy that will get the job done.

Difficult Conversations

This course uses Listening as a competency for diffusing conflict especially in difficult conversations. At the same time, the participant can safely demonstrate assertiveness when the situation calls for it.


Lead people through their Strengths. Mastering the people puzzle allows us to understand where others are good at and being able to unleash that. In this workshop, the conversations begin when participants put to work their 34 strengths.

How to conduct
Effective Coaching Conversations

This course helps leaders structure coaching conversations so that they are effective and coachee-centered. The course helps the leader understand the structure of coaching conversations and the skills needed to optimally use them.

Introduction to
Project Management

Learn the discipline of Project Management (PM) without the need for certification. In this course, you will not only learn the principles but also operate PM software. Your project now becomes easier to plan, simulate, and execute.

Sales and Account

Work with your sales team and be more effective in territory and funnel management. Your team will identify what kind of work is needed to hit the sales goal!


Understand better customer motivations so that both of you can get what you want and not sacrifice long term relationships. Enhance your skills to listen and express thoughts well so agreements are easily achieved and objections handled.

Business Writing

Learn how to write short and effective sentences. Get your point across by creating documents that are clear, concise, friendly, and direct to the point.

Train the

Enhance your presentation and course design skills so your training workshops are interactive, fun, practical, and relevant. This course helps you put together content and activities so your participants can simulate the right behavior needed for success.

Problem Solving and
Decision Making

This workshop uses 3 tools that will help you brainstorm and execute solutions to personal and business problems. The workshops also helps the leader identify risks and handle them way before they happen.

Leadership on the Line
(A Course on Supervision Skills)

Develops management skills for new frontline leaders in your organization using Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Control concepts.

Mission, Vision, and Values
(Crafting and / or Review)

This is an interactive quick-write session for Vision, Mission, and Values. Get these three done quickly without losing the fun and interaction in the process.


This is an indoor team-building activity that uses
Strengths, Appreciative Inquiry, and Personal Mastery as primary learning tools.

Other Interventions

Culture Surveys

Culture surveys help identify organizational strengths and weaknesses.
The results are then used for organizational change.

Net Promoter Score

The net promoter score is an important measure of customer loyalty.
It allows the organization to align processes, people, and tasks to satisfy the customer and earn his loyalty.
When such condition exists, the firm meets its goals.

Coaching Conversations
(By Appointment)

We allow individuals and teams
to discover more effective mindsets they can use for their homes and places of work. Other areas where we may help: Marriage / Relationship Concerns, Parenting, Esteem, Life Stages, Spirituality, Purpose, Mental Health / Depression, and Marriage Preparation. Email us if this is one area we can help you with.